Sunday, February 10, 2008

Big Spring, Midland, and El Paso

Our first Saturday event was in the beautiful Howard County in the city of Big Spring. Hosted by the Shipmans in their home, nearly two dozen locals came to enjoy a wide array of breakfast treats prepared by Ann Weaver- who lives up to her reputation as "Mrs. Democrat" in Big Spring. After some mingling around the house, Rick introduced himself and gave his stump speech with his wife Melissa at his side. People were very engaged and asked Rick a series of questions from Health Care, the war, the economy, and the importance of the local VA hospital which has had funding cuts when this area desperately needs its services. We can't ask Texas to sacrifice for this war and then not make the resources available for those fighting it after they returned home.

That message resonated over in Midland on our next stop. Meeting at the local Democratic Headquarters (yes, Midland has one), we were greeted by a diverse crowd in the "belly of the beast" as Rick called it- Tom Craddick country. But even here Democrats are fighting back (challenging Craddick for one) and running candidates for competitive local races. The minority population is growing all across West Texas and that's evident in the candidates that are running for office. Noriega had a couple of television interviews, one in Spanish here, as well as a chat with a local newspaper reporter. He then gave a rousing speech about shared sacrifice and that it would take all of us together to bring about change for Texas. He said that too often Democrats write off large parts of the state and segments of voters and that he was going to do his very best to run and earn the support of voters in all 254 counties. After that, those in attendance partook in an old-fashioned passing of the proverbial hat to help support Rick's campaign.

About 5 hours later (and not many rest stops in between) we arrived in El Paso at which point this blogger split off from the remainder of the campaign and headed home on a flight direct to Austin.


Anonymous said...

The name of the West Texas town you visited is Big Spring -- one spring.

benny06 said...

Good work. I hope Rick will do some talking about the problems of mental health care in West Texas. Big Spring is the only public facility in that region of the state.

Anonymous said...

Go Rick!

Looks like Hal is at it again spreading rumors and pointing fingers in the TX HD27 race. As most of you remember he's the dem propagandist that has been spinning for Reynolds since late last year. When verified public information came out on their candidate regarding his behavior as a attorney and the concurrent running sanctions by the TX Bar association for issues involving four of his seperate clients Hal (Half-empty) went into high gear from his blog-site and Fort Bend Democratic Club clique.

They've spent a great deal of time deflecting this and even staged a friendly interview with a even friendly blog waiting to ask the serious questions at the end, which Mr. Reynolds claimed were not his fault but a result of a family members death and a junior partner in his firm. If this interview is true then Reynolds admission to the TX Bar is false. This further raises TRUST issues and they also failed to discuss that one of the clients has a civil suit. If you get a chance to read the complaints you will find that his admissions to the bar were correct and the subsequent interviews and deflection stories should be questioned.

One of the actions claimed by one of his former clients would even seem criminal if any of us engaged in such activity. Better check the facts before you vote in this one. The cover story is good, but it doesn't run very deep when you scratch below the surface.

I find it amazing that Hal (half-empty) would try to counter-spin this for so long and point the finger at the incumbent (Olivo) without providing any proof, but this is the political GAMES we have been trapped into. Thanks to this individual poster and his dem club supporters.

Good luck Dora Olvio, I sure hope Reynolds is defeated and exposed. We don't need these type of power seekers in office. Calling Dora a Craddick dem is like calling Obama a republican. Don't be fooled by this poster (Hal). He is speaking for the Reynolds campaign and has been for sometime. IMO, Hal is the liar!