Friday, February 8, 2008

Report from Amarillo

We started this morning in Amarillo with a short meeting over at the city paper, the Amarillo Globe-News whose office sported the following slogan over the door: "A newspaper may be forgiven for lack of wisdom but never for lack of courage." In front of the office was one of many decorated horse statues scattered across the city, sponsored by the American Quarter Horse Association (this one named "Nay-boring Vistas".

Afterwards, we headed over to a reception at the Ambassador Hotel, hosted by Roberta Hicks (SDEC) and attended by Democrats from across the Potter and Randall County area. Upwards of 75 people attended, mingled, and met with Rick. He spoke about standing up for Texas families, working to lower college tuition, and making sure that Texas children have access to health care. It was a stark contrast to John Cornyn who has let college become unaffordable for the middle class and voted against the federal CHIP legislation multiple times. Four television stations were there along with Univision with whom Rick did a spanish language interview, all of which will help Rick get his message of change and standing up for the middle class out to more voters in Amarillo.

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