Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mikal Watts: A Better Democrat Than Joe Lieberman!

Mikal Watts knows what's important. He said in a statement, "For the last five months I have been exploring a race for the United States Senate because I believe that our junior senator, John Cornyn, has let Texas down and is more concerned with his cronies and friends in Washington than with what's best for Texas." And for this, he is truly a good Democrat.

Where Joe Lieberman not only lost the primary, but was so full of himself, he created the "Connecticut for Lieberman" banner to run under to continue his campaign, Mikal Watts sees the true light, that the current administration and our junior senator is wrong, and he is willing to put the people of Texas first. He knows a long primary will only cost dollars that could be used to defeat Cornyn, and is really supporting the entire Democratic ticket in this action. For that, I admire Mr. Watts for the courage and strength to graciously bow out of the race.

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