Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mikal Watts Not Feeling The Love

Friday night at the Dallas Democratic Part Fish Fry, a man stood up during Watt's speech and announced "he's Anti-Choice" etc and started booing him. I would love to shake that man's hand!!! Mikal was so hurt by this that he canceled a $10,000 speakers table at the Johnson, Rayburn Richards Harris County Democratic Party dinner. I guess Mikal cannot stand the heat. Texas and Texas Women would be better off if Daddy Warbucks dropped out of the race completely.

The Women of Texas are a tough breed and deserve respect from political candidates and officials. Here is a sign I saw yesterday in Austin.

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When you run for office and say a Texas Woman is smart enough to raise a child but too stupid to make a medical decision you take your chances. While I was not raised in Texas, I respect strong, independent, and smart women. My Mom raised two boys on her own and would not let a man decide her fate. I have met many strong women in Texas through the years and I doubt the women of Texas like the fact that Mikal Watts thinks he knows what is better for them either. A woman's right to chose is not something any politician should be involved in unless it is guaranteeing that right is never taken away. I have a feeling Mikal will be booed a few more times before he either loses the primary of has enough sense to step out of the race.

Don't Mess With Texas


Rick Noriega felt nothing but love this weekend at both events where he was welcomed enthusiastically by people attending both events. Rick got a standing ovation when he went up to the microphone to introduce Mayor White of Houston at Saturday night's event. This did not happen for any of the other people who introduced speakers. Mayor White called Rick the next Senator from Texas.

Rick in his 5 terms in the Texas Legislature has been a champion of Women's Rights. He respects the independent nature of our strong women and is the man we need in Washington. Rick has proven over and over he is the candidate of the people and actually cares about Texans and not just a title. Join Team Noriega and make a donation.

Team Noriega

Noriega Express Yard Sign

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