Friday, August 24, 2007

Cornyn refuses Bush for Campaign Appearances

According to The Carpetbagger Report, Texas Junior Senator John Cornyn was answering questions this week, when someone sprung one on whether he would be making campaign appearances with G.W. Of course, one of Lieberman's downfalls was his continual appearances with Bush (only in photography and memory, but still harmed him either way), but I digress.

The Austin American Statesman asked Cornyn, “Will you ask the president to appear with you on the campaign trail?” the paper asked.

Cornyn answered, “I will probably ask the president to help me do some fundraising, but probably not on the campaign trail, we’ve talked about his poll numbers.”

Apparently, Cornyn has not noticed his own dismal approval ratings. Although higher than Bush's 30-to-60 approval to disapproval rate, Cornyn's rating is still...well, not the greatest.

Cornyn himself has not had above a 50% approval rating since 2005, and according to SurveyUSA, currently stands at about a 42% Approval/43% Disapproval rate. Hutchison, on the other hand, stands at a 58% Approval/ 34% Disapproval rate. Cornyn places in the bottom 10% of all Senators by approval rating (in 2005), placing him with the likes of Conrad Burns, Jon Corzine, and Rick Santorum, none of whom are currently serving.

Apparently John McCain isn't the only one who has had enough of John Cornyn," DSCC spokesman Matthew Miller said. "This poll shows Texans look at John Cornyn like the neighbor who shows up uninvited at a backyard BBQ. No one invited him, they don't know why he's there, and they can't wait for him to leave."

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