Thursday, August 30, 2007

Republican Backed Border Wall May Cut Off Two US College Campuses

According to the Valley Newsline, a Republican-backed wall might only slow down illegal immigrants by as much as five minutes, but would cut off two American college campuses from the mainland. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff seems quite determined to build the wall, and intends on building as soon as this fall. As the Federal Government already owns some land easements in the border region, the Feds would have built on currently owned Federally owned property, cutting off two American college campuses, and the local Mexican Colsulate.

Dr. Antonio N. Zavaleta, Dean of UTBTSC about being seperated by the wall:

"It's inconcievable. I just can't believe that a campus of an American University would be cut off and would be placed on the Mexican side of this wall or this barrier which is intended to be a limitation whether it is good or bad. What that means is they better start working on a budget to have border guards placed at the wall with a gate every single day because over 1,000 people a day come to campus."
Zavaleta proposes that the levee be moved to the south side of the campus to provide more protection to downtown Brownsville, and provide dams to be able to control floods. "It seems to make a lot more sense to invest in infrastructure that protects the communites than building barriers," says Zavaleta.

UPDATE: Cornyn says he is not for the wall, using a lot of prepositions - almost a Green Eggs and Hammy kinda approach. Dr. Seuss would be proud! "No one is suggesting that we're willing to have a 2,000-mile wall placed on our southern border. For one thing, people can come over walls, they can come under walls and they can come through walls if they're not maintained, " said U.S. Sen. Cornyn in a statement according to KFOX.

This is in stark contrast to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who prefers to c0mpare immigration to The Cat in the Hat. From Wikipedia:
In the 110th Congres Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid compared the impasse over a bill to reform immigration with the mess created by the Cat in "The Cat in the Hat." He read lines of the book from the Senate floor, quoting "'That is good,' said the fish. 'He's gone away, yes. But your mother will come. She will find this big mess.'"[5] He then carried forward his analogy hoping the impasse would be straightened out for "If you go back and read Dr. Seuss, the cat manages to clean up the mess."[6] Reid's hopes did not come about for as one analyst put it "the Cat in the Hat did not have to contend with cloture."[5]

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