Friday, August 24, 2007

Texas hits 30, and 400.

On Wednesday of this his week, Texas hit two historical milestones.

They're both records: 30, and 400.

Can you guess what those numbers mean?

For the Texas Rangers, they're the first team since 1898 to score 30 runs in a game. Thats 110 years worth of record there.

"This is something freaky. You won't see anything like this again for a long, long time. I am glad I was on this end of it," said Marlon Byrd, who hit one of two Texas grand slams.

Now what about the 400?

That would be the 400th execution in Texas since 1982, when it resumed the death penalty. About 25 years of record. Johnny Conner was pronounced dead at 6:20 pm, eight minutes after he was injected with the lethal concoction in Huntsville this Wednesday. (Coverage from the Brisbane Times in Australia)

Texas has logged 58% of the judicial killings this year
, far exceeding all other states combined. Of the other states, 12 refused to restore capital punishment in 1976; four did but have not executed anyone; and 14 states have had fewer than five executions.

Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) said Tuesday, “I believe the death penalty ought to be an option for juries,” and earlier this year, (Congressional Quarterly) . “In Texas we believe in having a fair trial and then the hanging.”

But opposition to Texas executions is coming from all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. The 27-nation European Union called Texas to put a moratorium on executions, which state leaders quickly rejected.

“It’s none of their business,” said Cornyn. Governor Rick Perry’s office echoed the Senator. “Texans long ago decided that the death penalty is a just and appropriate punishment for the most horrible crimes committed against our citizens,” said Perry spokesman Robert Black. “While we respect our friends in Europe, and appreciate their interest in our laws, Texans are doing just fine governing Texas.”

So THATS where Bush gets his idea, that as long as his wife and the dog have his back, we'll be in Iraq. It's that "I don't care whether it even works, or makes sense, but we're going to do it anyways" attitude that he picked up in the Governor's Mansion... Anyways, go Rangers!

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