Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rick, One of US!

Rick Noriega filed papers with the Senate this week in accordance with campaign finance regulartions. This is what they showed...

From the Houston Chronicle:

Democratic State Rep. Rick Noriega reported earning $37,000 from his service in the Texas National Guard — wages he says show he's a regular Texan as he considers a campaign to unseat Republican Sen. John Cornyn in 2008.

Noriega had other income for a total of $175,800 during the past 18 months. But he is stressing his service with the Guard in Afghanistan, during Hurricane Katrina and on the U.S.-Mexico border as he tests whether to become a full-fledged candidate. Noriega is a lieutenant colonel in the Guard.

"As my financial disclosures show, I am a regular Texan, of middle-class means," Noriega said in a statement.

What about possible democratic primary rival Mikal Watts? His reports showed earnings of $40 million with nearly $4 million going towards the primary, and over $6 million for the general election.


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TXsharon said...

There are many reasons to choose Noriega over Watts. Now we have one more. I want someone who can relate to regular Texans.

Thanks for this report.