Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"I Am Not Gay" Craig May Spell Fillibuster-Proof Senate after 2008

The wavering of the "I am not gay" Larry Craig Idaho seat adds to the 22 Republican seats that must be defend in the 2008 Election Cycle. Democrats now hold 51 seats, including Independent Bernie Sanders of Vermont and "Connecticut For Lieberman" Party Member Joe Lieberman. Of the 22 Republican seats to be upheld, six of them seem to be "in jeopardy," bringing the total possible Democratic seat count to 57 or 58 seats.

Booman: do we get 4-5 more senate seats?First...let me say that we are not there yet. We still need to do a little more recruitment.

Nebraska... Oklahoma...Kentucky...Idaho

I haven't even mentioned the most unpopular senator of all...John Cornyn of Texas. He is facing two formidable candidates in attorney Mikal Watts and State Senator Rick Noriega. This race is insurance on that 62 mark.

The financial momentum also is with the Democrats.
As of the end of June, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which finds and funds Senate contenders had:
More than $31 million in receipts
More than $20 million in cash on hand

By contrast, the National Republican Senatorial Committee had only:
$15.8 million in receipts
$5.7 in cash on hand

Friends, 2008 is our year.

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