Friday, August 31, 2007

This Week's "Cornyn as Bush's Mouthpiece" Quote..

On the issue of who sounds most like George W. Bush when it comes to Alberto Gonzales... The Award goes to...

Drum roll please... Junior Texas Senator John Cornyn

Here's this week's game... Can you guess who said what? Grab a piece of paper and let's play.. write down 'B' for Bush, and 'C' for Cornyn.

1. "Alberto a decent and honorable man"
2. "Al Gonzales is a man of...decency and principle"

3. "has played a role in shaping our policies in the war on terror"
4. "has served his country at a difficult time when we are engaged in a global war on terror

5. "After months of unfair treatment..."
6. "worn down by the criticism"

7. "the ferocity of relentless partisan attacks..."
8. "...was dragged through the mud for political reasons."

9. "I think it’s a sad day"
10. "It's sad that we live..."


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