Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Poll Taxes? Literacy Test? Nope, just HCYD signature forms!

I'm liveblogging in the middle of voting with the HCYD endorsement meeting. I have plenty of time to blog, because i was, along with about a dozen other members were held up waiting for our memberships to be verified, including several candidates themselves.

James Rodriguez's campaign would have been allowed to have a proxy vote, but his membership was unverifiable as his membership dated from 1999. HCYD President Max Cardenas III said that was another organization. The current HCYD was chartered in 2001. A representative from the Rodriguez campaign said she would have appreciated some notification as to what was required to be able to vote. The same held true for Jolanda Jones and her campaign--unable to vote. When asked how he felt, Nick H. (red cap pictured) said he was, "livid." Save the hate for the Republicans, Nick!

Heated discussion ensued, and after a half hour of debate, only 18 voting memberships were confirmed, meaning the 12 of us who were denied voting rights may very well have easily had the ability to sway the endorsement proceedings. Cardenas declined postponing the vote, and the vote whether to accept the recommendations of the Steering Committee were passed with little discussion.

The membership forms were verified by the highly secure method of... Three ring binder.

Stay tuned for more.

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