Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Cameron County Delegation Hops On The Noriega Express!

Rick picked up the endorsements of the Cameron County Legislative Delegation last week, according to the Rio Grande Guardian. A fundraiser was held at the Valley International Country Club.

“I have known Rick Noriega for about 25 years,” said state Rep. RenĂ© Oliveira, D-Brownsville, introducing his House colleague to those at the fundraiser. “He’s about as solid a human being, as solid a husband, as solid a father, as solid a leader as you could possibly be.

State Rep Eddie Lucio spent the day taking Noriega to meet community leaders in Harlingen. “He was received so well,” Lucio told the audience. Lucio also urged Cameron County voters to show up on Election Day to help get Noriega elected. “We only vote, folks, down here 14, 15, 16 percent. That is not empowering your elected officials. Let’s make it a point to vote in huge numbers.”

I’m concerned that a pro-life trial lawyer is going to have a hard time winning,” Oliveira said, referring to Watts. He said that in Noriega, Texans could vote for a decorated colonel in the National Guard, who had served in Afghanistan and spent 12 years in House learning about education and roads.

“We’ve got a guy who can walk into the United States Senate and probably teach them a thing or two and not somebody who needs to go up there on training wheels; who has no sense of public service.”

In his remarks, Noriega blasted Cornyn over his vote for a border wall, his vote against giving combat troops as much time away from battle as they spent in Iraq, and for voting against enrolling more children in SCHIP. “That does not represent the values of us as Tejanos, as Texans, and as Americans. That does not,” Noriega said.

Noriega said the state and the country were at a crossroads. And, he said he was looking forward to representing the values South Texans cared about. “It’s not about me at all. It is about us as a state and us as a country. I’m not going to win this race. We are going to win this race,” he said.

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