Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Rick Noriega Takes No Time Off For Labor Day

The Galveston Daily News reported seeing Rick as he attended a breakfast supporting the Galveston County Central Labor Union, where there were three topics on the agenda: “health care, health care, health care,” said Lee Medley, president of the county’s consolidated organized labor council (as you may remember, Cornyn voted against Children's Healthcare).

Lee Medley:

“We know this is a complex issue. There is no single way to approach this. Our main goal is that everyone should be covered, maybe under a single-payer system. But, we do know that what we have now isn’t working, and it is time to stop arguing and start doing something.”
Rick also appeared at the Washington County Democrats annual Labor Day Barbecue (as reported by Hal at Half Empty). Hal, and a group of his fellow Ft. Bend Dems joined the Washington Co. Dems and watched as Rick Noriega spoke as the highlight of the event.

I brought blanks of Rick’s petitions and Geri, Marsha and I swept through the room getting signatures. They’re a tough crowd in Washington County so we didn’t get as many signatures as there were heads in the room. But we managed to fill one sheet and nearly fill another. But I’m here to tell you, there were people who chased me down wanting to get their names on that petition.

You know, I don’t think Rick’s campaign is going to have a problem getting those 25,000 signatures.
Video coming soon.

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