Monday, September 24, 2007

Rick Noriega Takes 78.4% In Poll

Democracy for America poll last week was completely and unquestionably pwned by Rick Noriega.

This week, democrats from across Texas joined the members of Democracy for Texas in their first endorsement poll in the organization's history.

Here's an email from Democracy for Texas:

Subject line: And the DFT endorsement goes to….

You have spoken loud and clear. With overwhelming support from all over the State, Rick Noriega is the stand-out choice of the grassroots to face John Cornyn in the race for the U.S. Senate. The final results are:

All Voters DFT Members Before Poll
Noriega 78.4% 86.2%
Watts 21.6 13.8

Total votes cast: 1,931 *

We're excited that our first endorsement is for such a terrific candidate, one who drew comments such as these:

"I am extremely impressed with Rick Noriega's clarity of thought and purpose as well as his passion and organization."

"Rick is the right man at the right time."

"Rick Noriega is the candidate supported by grassroots Texans all across our State because he is the candidate who has the integrity to represent all Texans…"

"…Rick is tough enough to stand toe to toe with any Republican…"

"Rick Noriega has "walked the walk" and has a progressive voting record to show for it!"

Over the coming months, we'll give you ideas of how you can help Rick in his campaign. Right now, the best way you can help is to sign up on his website and make a contribution before the end of the quarter on September 30.

Join the Noriega for Senate campaign here.

Make a donation here.

We appreciate the thoughtful answers of both candidates to our questionnaire. And many thanks to all of you who took the time to read their answers and vote, especially those who made a contribution to help us defray the cost of the poll.

We look forward to an exciting primary season and to sending John Cornyn home in November!

Your DFT Steering Committee –

Erik Azulay, Glen Maxey, Mark McCulloch, Karl-Thomas Musselman, and Fran Vincent

P.S. Marla Camp, one of the founders of Democracy for Texas, is on sabbatical from the Steering Committee while she focuses on her successful new magazine, Edible Austin. Marla will continue to be involved in DFT, and we look forward to having her back in a leadership position as soon as possible.

* In order to address concerns expressed by some participants about the elimination of questionable votes, we have counted all (including those in question) votes except those that were clearly duplicates, those cast after the deadline, and a handful from out of state.

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