Friday, September 7, 2007

Watts Calls out Cornyn on Craig

Yesterday Junior Senator John Cornyn told the Dallas Morning News about Larry Craig, "I'm limited in what I can discuss. If a senator is alleged to have violated any Senate rule or regulation or statute, whether or not it's in the conduct of their official duties," seemingly still dodging the issue. Earlier, he made another statement, saying Mr. Craig's political future "is best left up to Senator Craig and his constituents. I make it a point not to comment on the personal problems of other senators."

Apparently, Cornyn actually can't talk about the case, as he serves on the ethics committee that may review whether Craig may be able to continue to serve, but also because he's standing up for his fellow GOPers - but is Craig worth standing up for?

Opponent and San Antonio millionaire Mikal Watts, called Cornyn to
"come out of hiding" on the Craig issue, as well as two other GOP Senators that have been in question - David Vitter (LA), who admitted using escort services, and Ted Stevens (AK), whose home was raided by FBI and IRS agents in connection with a bribery investigation.

Cornyn shoots back at Watts,
calling it the "desperate cry of a would-be political candidate for attention," and one that ignores his duties as a member of the ethics panel. "I'm trying to do my best to meet my responsibilities here."

Even Sean at Save the GOP jumps in on the issue:

From the files of “You can’t make this stuff up”: There is currently a debate going on at DailyKos over whether Senate candidate Mikal Watts has contributed enough to Democrat legislative candidates to get a free pass for telling a legal opponent that he had effectively bought a Texas appellate court. The Democrats have been in the Majority for less than a year and they have already gone from overlooking their incumbents’ ethical problems to recruiting candidates who think buying the government is acceptable. Not for anything, but if Craig’s alleged conduct was enough to force him out of the Senate, this should force Watts out of the race. I’d say that there should be an investigation of the incident and that Watts should probably end up in court, but we all know how that would turn out.
I'm sorry to say, Sean, that campaign contributions and speech are completely legal (albeit a little shady), while soliciting in a public bathroom most definitely is not. I'm not supporting Watts by any means, as his actions are still quite questionable, but Craig has dug himself a much deeper hole than Watts' and while Craig has voted against legislation for homosexuals, Watts doesn't even have any legislative experience to be a hypocrite in that regard - they don't even begin to compare.

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