Friday, September 7, 2007

Rick Noriega: Huge Hit at UT UDems Meeting!

We told you about two appearances that our next Senator from Texas, Rick Noriega made last Wednesday. I was unable to attend personally, but "Jazzy" Jess Faerman, UT UDems member Austin-area minor political celebrity, was front and center for Rick's speech. From this photo, you can tell that the entire lecture hall (capacity:200) is completely full, and was standing room only.

From The Daily Texan:

Noriega addressed the University Democrats, who are supporting his campaign, said President Benjamin Trotter, a government sophomore.
"He really needs to capture the youth because we are a working force," Trotter said. "We're powerful in the Austin community and when we give our endorsement, it means something."Less than two hours earlier, over 150 turned out at Scholz's Beer Garten to hear Rick at a Democracy for Texas event. Over 300 people in a day, and we still have a full year to go before the election!

"He's gaining a lot of grassroots support," says Fran Vincent of DFT. "We're a grassroots organization, so it just makes sense."

From The Daily Texan:
As the sun began to set, Noriega jumped on the stage at Scholz's and opened his speech by criticizing Bush's positive outlook on progress in Iraq. He then segued into the idea that politicians in Washington are merely for show and "don't get anything done," he said.

"We need work horses in D.C., not show horses," he said.

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