Tuesday, September 18, 2007

NEWS ALERT: Watts Has Taken On Large Corporations... And Won!

So 'watt' is there to know about Watts? Apparently he's a trial layer, and has taken on some of the biggest corporations in the world... oh, and he graduated with his undergrad and law degree in four years. We all knew this from his website video, but I wanted to look more into his beliefs, his experience, and just to get more of an understanding of the man. Here's what he shared with Democracy for Texas. (Here's Rick's)

1) Who are you? Why should we like you?

Watts: I have taken on some of the biggest corporations in the world–and I have won.
Noriega: I’m just a father and husband who believes that public service is what you do to make life better for my family and my country.

4) List five things you’ve done that define you as a community leader and/or an agent of change.
Watts: 1. Took on some of the biggest corporations in the world...
Noriega: Improving public education by passing the teacher pay raise over the objection of the House leadership.

7) Tell us something important about yourself that we won’t find on your website.
Graduating from the University of Texas and the University of Texas Law School in 2 years each reaffirmed what my mother taught me. The values of hard work, commitment and passion can overcome any obstacle. These values are what led me to take on some of the biggest corporations in the world.
Noriega: I’m a good cook. I worked on economic development issues for CenterPoint energy by creating jobs and opening up opportunities for Texas businesses. I earned a grey belt at the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.

And there you have it. Rick is a father and a husband, worked for education in Texas, and a good cook. He's worked for economic development and creating jobs, and even has a grey belt in martial arts. Mikal Watts? Well he took on some of the biggest corporations in the world....and won, I won't be writing home about it.

PS: Believe it or not, Watts likes to talk about himself...
Word Count from their Democracy for Texas Statements:

"I" or "me"-47 times
"us" or "we"-12 times
"Texas"-7 times
"change"-0 times

"I" or "me"-37 times
"us" or "we"-21 times
"Texas"-12 times
"change"-2 times

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