Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mikal Watts and Karl Rove... Twins Separated at Birth?

So I thought about this little comparison when Mikal Watts spouted off at a UT University Democrat after a question. Here's the exchange:

Q: I read in the Houston Chronicle that in a trial you were in, one time you paid off judges to alter the effects of that. Can you -- do you have anything to say about that?

A: Yeah, well, I guess the Karl Rove truck begins. Let me just tell you something. The people that we are going up against will swift boat you all day long, and they will continue to swift boat you, and I can assure you of a couple things. The people that we’re going up against -- you better be ready to win. If you’re going to a knife fight, don’t let the other guy have the big knife. I can assure you that for the last 20 years, I have fought the fights against the large corporations. I have fought the fights for the people who that weren’t flamethrowers -- on behalf of the people of Texas that frankly are lucky that they have a match. And we have got to be ready. Because I don’t care about what they’re gonna make up this time, what they’re gonna make up next time, it’s coming, and we’ve got to be ready to fight back.

Notice that Watts never actually answers the question about paying off judges. But better yet, what do you think Mike meant in his knife analogy? Basically that he has more money? Thanks for letting me know. I wasn't sure after I read you made $40M last year, compared to Rick's $175K over 18 months?

Even an international student at UT had the same takeaway: "You know that thing about having a big knife when you go into a fight? I think what he was saying that he has a lot of money and he can afford to buy judges." (TXsharon @ TKaos)

I guess that is your best talking point, that you have the actual bankrolls that could beat Cornyn - so I offer this: combine your strengths. Rick has the qualifications, experience, and leadership that a Senator needs. Let's combine that with your fundraising prowess, and get Rick elected, no?

Anyways, I thought it was at least somewhat humorous that the "person in politics" I thought looked like Karl Rove was Mikal Watts himself! (see top photos). They could have been brothers! The bottom two photos compare Mike to David Koechner. You might recognize him in the cowboy hat... below (Thanks to Max Cardenas for noticing that):

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