Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Even More from Watts at University Democrats

I thought we had it all when we got our report from Jess Faerman, UT University Democrats member about how Mikal Watts was received, but check out this comment from a sign-in form at RickNoriega.com:

After seeing Mikal Watts speak at the second University Democrats meeting of the fall semester and watching him dodge every bullet that students shot his way on TRUE democratic issues, I knew my vote would be for Rick Noriega.

Watts seems to have only one thing in common with Democrats: he wants to end the war in Iraq. He doesn't support gay marriage, he is not pro-choice, and he has been accused of paying off people to sway trials his way, and from his disposition, I got the same vibe.

Noriega came directly to me and shook my hand, regardless of the fact that I am 4 foot 11 and look like I should not be yet in college, regardless of whether my clothes indicated I had more money than the people sitting next to me.

Watts greeted everyone to the left of me, everyone to the right of me, then when I gave him the look letting him know I realized his character, he, for the sake of trying to not let people in, shook my hand half-heartedly.

He did not answer any questions presented to him, instead quickly attacked Senator John Cornyn, leaving everyone wondering what his actual views were... but everyone knew they weren't that of any yellow-dog Democrat. Not to mention the fact that he spent 1/4 of his time bragging about himself.
BurkaBlog has a play-by-play about how Watts didn't do so hot.


Anonymous said...

I'm the 4-foot-11 one who wrote that on Noriega's page and am ecstatic that my commentary has been shared with the readers of this blog, along with Jess's account. Mikal Watts is not a true democrat.

NoriegaBlog said...

Thanks for sharing! Almost all accounts were unanimous! Even Watts' own blog said that the UDems were hostile, and why? Well, even though Mike might have been one of us in the past, he definitely doesn't stand with us now!

- UT UDems Member, 2001-2005

NoriegaBlog said...

PS... thanks for reading anonymous, and for sharing your story :)