Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rick Noriega: A+ on Environmental Record

The Texas League of Conservation Voters has just released their Legislative Scorecard for 2007 which ranks my favorite Texas House of Representatives member, Rick Noriega, with an A+ on environmental issues.

The league works to "preserve and enhance the quality of life of Texans by making conservation a top priority with Texas elected officials, political candidates, and voters," and lists its recommendations and observations of state legislators by voting record in each legislative session. Melissa Noriega, my second favorite member of the Texas House, also scored an A+ for her work in 2005.

A look at the scores:
Average House score: 56% (C)
Avg. Republican score: 32% (F)
Avg. Democratic score: 84% (A)

Perfect 100s: 11
Overachievers (A+): 36 - includes Rick
Failures (F): 56

House Republicans over 50%: 2
House Democrats below 50%: 3

Highest Republican score: Kirk England (69%)
Lowest Democratic Score: Joe Pickett: (37%)

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publishedpage said...

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Eyes on the Prize!
Jim Hart