Monday, September 3, 2007

Mikal Watts Makes in 8 Hours... What I do IN A YEAR!

So I was watching Lou Dobbs tonight, about the "War On the Middle Class," and they're talking about how real earnings are declining, except for CEOs. The first millionaire that came to mind was Mikal Watts, and I remembered a post from last month, comparing Rick Noriega's $175K income (over 18 mos) to Mikal Watts' $40M(12 mos).

So I did a little math. Last year, I made $37K. In Connecticut, due to cost of living, it's worth even less, but I'm not going to factor that in (because that makes this demonstration really depressing). Now Watts made about $40M. Over 365 days, that's $109,589.04 a day. Now that's over all 365 days. We're not just talking about workdays here. (which would make it about $200K a day).

Now, I'm not against people that make a lot of money, but it's just almost wrong. I'm paying off $20K in student debt, still paying off moving back to Texas from Connecticut, and then saving up for a new pair of glasses (my current ones are more than four years old). You know what I mean? This is when people like Mikal Watts can put away two brand new Porche Boxters a day.

Anyways, back to the point. Watts makes almost $110K a day. I made in a YEAR, what Watts does in 8 hours.

This cheery Labor Day note brought to you by NoriegaBlog.

$40M/2000(number of typical hours worked by a full-time professional)=$20,000 per hour

$37K Adjusted for Cost of Living = $29,030.48
$29,030.48/2000 = $14.51524 (I'll round up for my half a cent, it makes me feel better)...

So Watts makes $20,000 per hour, I make $14.52, a difference of 1,378 times.

I must have done something horrible in a previous life...


PHig said...

This is Great!!

I will bookmark this and keep checkin


MrLonghorn said...

Ya.. it makes me feel... a little small, ya know?

Anonymous said...

It should also be noted that Rick Noriega's income of $178K covered 18 months, not 12 months. It also included working for his 1)civilian employer, 2)the military and 3)in an elected position, so it was basically, $120K annually for three jobs and literally years of experience and service in each.

NoriegaBlog said...

Ah yes.. thanks for the catch.. duly noted.

NoriegaBlog said...

Thanks for the comments!