Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Will Cornyn Support Troop Time-Off?

Senator Webb describes why it's important to give troops enough time at home in an email from Daily Kos:

"We will be offering an amendment that requires our troops have a 1:1 deployment-to-dwell ratio for active units and members. This is a minimum floor. The Department of Defense's historic policy and current goal is a ratio of 1:2. Currently, Army units are deployed for 15 months with 12 months at home..."

"This Dwell Time Amendment provides a safety net under our troops. However long a servicemember has been deployed, they deserve at least that much time at home. It is a very simple, common sense amendment."

"In July, my amendment received 56 votes. We need just 4 more votes this time to pass this amendment, and I am asking for your help."

Given that John "Corn/Lap-Dog" Cornyn recently staunchly defended Petraeus on CNN, Cornyn not-surprisingly voted in July against giving our troops more time off at home. Both democratic challengers, Rick Noriega and Mikal Watts, support troop withdrawal, with Noriega specifically stating his support of the Webb-Hegel Amendment in a recently released DFT Questionnaire.

But until we can get Rick Noriega in office, we're stuck with Corn-Dog antics. Perhaps we can at least get him to see the light. You can fill out an automated form by following this link, or contact Cornyn's office directly at any of the numbers provided on his website.

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