Sunday, September 2, 2007

Cornyn Stands Up for Larry Craig?

Junior Senator John Cornyn said that Mr. Craig's political future "is best left up to Senator Craig and his constituents. I make it a point not to comment on the personal problems of other senators." [DMN]

This comes after not signing a letter drafted by Minority Leader Mitch McConnell stripping Craig of his committee assignments and opening an ethics investigation. Cornyn couldn't sign the letter, as he is a member of the ethics committee that may be investigating the "allegations," but his rhetoric makes it pretty clear that Cornyn sees no issue with Craig's dealings last month.

Although Hutchison signed the letter, [DMN] "
She never said publicly if she thought he should resign. Repeated queries last week to aides yielded only extra copies of the McConnell news release."


Anonymous said...

I guess that means that he won't be returning the $10,000 Larry Craig's Alliance for the West PAC gave his 2002 campaign.

NoriegaBlog said...

It sure seems to me like Cornyn likes separating personal and political lives. I won't be holding my breath.