Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rick's Boo-Boo

It seems that Rick has made some unfortunate comments with regards to bloggers.

Here's the quote with none of the surrounding context from R.G. Ratcliffe:

"We've seen talk radio become an organizing tool for the die-hard right, while liberals are credited with turning the blogosphere into a political weapon. Each of those media has a targeted demographic group and works them into an ideological lather," Noriega said.

"This, I believe, is damaging to the political culture in this country."

All I can say is that comments like this are commonly completely blown out of proportion and that I still support Rick. He's discussed the issues on FDL, and has come out to answer questions about what happened, and I know of no Texas bloggers that have peeled away from Rick.

Here's coverage from around Texas:
Sloppy Reporting Rears Its Ugly Head in TX-Senate Race

Hal at Half Empty wondered who in the H-E-double-Hockey Sticks pays R.G. Ratcliffe for his journalistic abilities? He challenged him here . Off to summer school RG.

More to come later.

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