Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mikal Watts Buys Google

No, not really. But imagine my surprise when I was checking out my blog today and I saw an ad for Mikal Watts. Ironic, ya think?

He probably can't actually buy Google, but he's definitely supported it well, being plastered up on every single major blog and website I go to. It seems that he's tacking himself up next to every time Rick Noriega is mentioned anywhere. It's almost creepy.

Here are just a few examples I've rounded up today:
LeftyBlogs (Red background)
Google Search for "Rick Noriega" (White background)
Daily Kos (Orange Writing)
Burnt Orange Report (Orange Background)
MY OWN BLOG! (Bluish background)

For the purposes of humor, I'll leave up the Mikal Watts ads. It costs him money every time you see one!

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